Lee has practiced shamanic, spiritual healing for more than thirty-five years. She has
studied extensively in apprenticeship
s with many indigenous medicine mystics in their
ceremonies and healing traditions including North American and South American
indigenous medicine people. Lee is a Full Mesa Carrier of the Q'ero Inca Tradition
(Mesa: Shaman's medicine altar)

South America Andes: Q'ero (Inca)  including the late Master Don Manuel
Q'espi, Don Mariano Apasa Marchaga, Don Sebastian, Don Humberto and Dona
Bernadina, Dona Julia, and medicine woman Dona Juana Paola of Lake Titicaca -
Puno,  Juan Nunez del Prado, Americo Yabar, and Don Alberto Taxo, Theo Parades,
Don Valerio Cohaila.

Amazonian Shipibo-Conibo Indians, Curandero or medicine man for the
Vista Alegre Indigenous Jose Arevalo, Anatasia Fernandez Maynas of San Francisco
Amazon, ..... and master jungle shaman Don Antonio Montero Pisco of the Cocoma

Huichol of Mexico,  master currendero Maracami, and Brant Secunda.

Lee Has also studied with Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis,  Americo Yabar, Jaun Nunez
Del Michael Harner / Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Tom Cowan / Celtic
shamanism, Brook Medicine Eagle and many other gifted teachers. She has traveled
extensively to the Peruvian Andes, Amazon, Bolivia, Mexico, Korea, Sweden -
Lapland, England and has taught shamanism internationally.

Her ancestral heritage is the White indigenous people, the Sami of Lapland, northern
Sweden.  Her Great Grandmother, Nielsen was a shaman, medicine woman from
Lapland.  Nielsen's teachings were passed to Lee's father and then to Lee.  
I met Lee several years ago at a workshop facilitated by a Peruvian shaman.  I was immediately drawn to Lee's gentle, adventures around
Lee's Medicine Wheel.  I honor Lee as a teacher, Shaman, and friend."
Margaret K.. Tennesee

"You are in a place of light, love and magic.  You have no ego to sustain, no one to impress, nothing to prove.  You are invisible.  You walk
the walk and talk the talk. For this, I am continuously grateful."
Tina S., Minnesota

"Please remember that there is a whole community of people who DO know you and love you and understand the wonderful, powerful work
you do in the world.  You ARE an elder and shamana and teacher/mentor to so many people, myself included.  All of the work you do is
helping to change the lives of people in such beautiful ways.  THAT'S the good stuff!"
A.B., Minnesota

"I think that what you do is beyond special...Can't wait to experience The World Drum in April.  Your generosity and caring for others has
been very apparent throughout your life.  You have taught me to have similar values in life and it truly is something to be proud of.  I love
you and I support your journey and just want you to know that I care."
Larry H., Northern WI

"Please, please know that you and your message have spoken positively and shaped more people than you will ever know.
Anyone who is brave enough these days to put themselves out there a little becomes fair game for haters.  Your message is clearly
Maurice.M., New York

"Your light shines so bright and the Ancestors and spirits are dancing with us all!  Thanks for being the beacon and for helping to light the
way for those of us on the path."
Terri, WI

"You are a wise and very caring person, my teacher and mentor.  You have taught me a great deal and like any student, after he leaves
school his education then begins.  I have learned so much and reflected on that learning.  I thank you for your wonderful insight and wise
teachings.  This World Drum is meant for you, this is to come together at it's appointed time and space, you are here at this time in history
for a reason."
B.M., St Paul

"Dearest Lee,
I know you and know you always come from the heart in all the work you do...As you taught me, non-judgement, non-attachment, walk in
beauty.  You are loved and supported by many people.  I personally appreciate your information on the Sami.  I am excited too about the
Wold Drum coming here!"
T.S., MN

"There are so many, dear sweet Lee, that know you for who you are.  You have touched many souls over the years, mine included and each
of us can speak to who you are.  You are love."
Nel, WI

"Thank you so much, it was very powerful and deeply inspiring. Perfect opportunity to tell you how much respect and admiration I have for
you.  I will be honest and say at the beginning of the Medicine Wheel I was a little skeptical.  I wondered who this woman was that thought
she had so much knowledge about Peruvian ways that she thought of herself as a teacher.  But, what an incredible gift you became, much
like a beautiful present.  As the wrappings began to come off, at each class, the amazing gifts of your knowledge started showing through!  
The passion, the wisdom, your incredible depth were far beyond what I could have hoped for.  I really want to say thank you from my heart.  
You for all you have brought into my life.  
There will always be a place for you here,"
Mike, MN                                                                    

"We travel around the wheel many times in our lives as we grow spiritually.  Lee clarified so many things
that had slowed my growth.  I shall always hold in my heart the incredible experiences our group had
in our adventures around Lee's Medicine Wheel.  I honor Lee as a teacher, Shaman and friend."
Margaret K., South Carolina

"Lee is a most wonderful teacher and mentor!  Her willingness to share the wisdom, teaching and techniques she has gained walking on
her medicine path comes from her heart, a true gift.  The joy and sense of community that I have gained from working with her is
tremendous.  Being with Lee within the circles we have formed is often like a family reunion when we gather together, filled with laughter,
sacredness and joy all rolled into one.  I feel that learning the ways of this path are
very accessible through her and are easily integrated into my heart.  The ways my life has changed since meeting Lee are
many and I am forever grateful to her!  Thank you!"
Michelle H., Minneapolis, MN

"I looked at several programs and teachers for Shamanism training.  I asked my spirit guides what I should do, and was
told to study with Lee Hilfiker.  As always Spirit knew best, and I have been very happy with what I have learned from
Lee.  She is a skilled shamana.  Ceremonies were a gestalt of Peruvian, Amazonian, and Lakota traditions, and the focus was always on
creating our own ceremonies.  I have developed many rich and deep spiritual friendships within my medicine wheel group or ayllu, and I
am humbled to include Lee in my spiritual relationships."
Bruce, Ashland, WI
Global Healing interview with Lee Hilfiker
Hosts Amy Greeson and Bethany Staffieri
HEALING SEEKERS, Amy Greeson, Exploring health and healing traditions around the globe.
Amy Greeson, Founder and Executive Director of Healing Seekers. Healing Seekers is
devoted to exploring the most remote areas of the world in search of medical treatments
and cures.  
What Others Say about  
about Lee  ......
I am of the opinion that
my life belongs to the community,
it is my privilege to do for it
whatever I can.
I want to be throughly used up
when I die,
for the harder I work,
the more I live.
Life is no 'brief candle' to me.
It is a sort of splendid torch
which I have got hold for a moment,
and I want to make it burn as
brightly as possible before handing it
on to future generations."

George Bernard Shaw
Q'ero shamans of Peru- Don Mariano,
Don Sebastian, with Lee.
Lee is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor.  In
addition to her Shamanic Healing practices, Lee is an
international teacher of indigenous healings and
ceremonies.  She  is a Full Mesa Carrier of the Q'ero Inca
(Mesa: Shaman's medicine altar).

  • Divination and Coca Leaf Reader
  • Healing Touch & Reiki Practitioner
  • Have taught shamanism for more than 25  years
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Drum Lodge
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Spiritual Integrative Therapist
  • Specialty in Palliative Care
  • Professional Counselor
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Pain management,
    Past Life Regression
  • Certified Art Therapist, Expressive Therapist
  • Integrative Medicine for Life Threatening Illness,
    Anticipated Death, Palliative Care, and Death Rites of
  • Healing Imagery
  • Ceremonialist

In the "Western" tradition, Lee Holds a Masters
Degree in Education,  Professional Development -
Professional Counseling and Art Therapy from
University of WI,

Clinical Professional Counselor,
Expressive Arts Therapist,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Healing Touch and Reiki Practitioner

She has been passionate in bringing spirit in all
she has created and offered.
  • Co-Founder of Clearwater Clinic /         
    Counseling and Personal Growth Center
  • Founder of Harmony Healing Center
  • Founder, Director of SacredWay: source of
    healing information and events
  • Founding Advisor of Northland Shamanic
  • Founder of Midwest Shamanic Gathering
  • Founding member of Society of Shamanic
  • Presenter at University Health, Counseling,
    and Wellness Conference.
Lee dedicates her life and teachings to the truest, most Sacred Way of living and healing.